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    About Precision Pythons

    Greetings, and welcome to Precision! I hope this page will help you understand a little bit about me and my practices with ball pythons. I am a hobby ball python breeder whose philosophy is to provide beautiful, hand-selected ball python morphs with an uncompromising commitment to quality. My goal in this hobby is twofold: to develop beautiful ball python morphs, but just as importantly, to network with current and (hopefully) future herpers. I hope that by increasing education about reptiles we both foster their conservation in the wild and ensure the future of our hobby here in the U.S.

    My approach to ball pythons is defined by the following principles:

    ---I work exclusively with ball pythons, and I strive for the best examples of each morph. I intend to always have a small but top-quality collection. I want to be dazzled every time I open a tub, and I want you to be dazzled too! If your ball python lives for 20 years and you check it once a day, that's 7305 moments of joy or 7305 moments of dissapointment. I'll take the first one!

    ---I am not a broker and I do not flip animals. If it's for sale and I haven't produced it, I will note that right on its page.

    ---Care of my animals comes first. I have a deep respect for these and all animals, and so do my absolute best to ensure their well being. My collection is built almost entirely out of captive born and bred (CBB) ball pythons for health and conservation reasons. A small, well cared for collection is my goal.

    ---I am committed to customer service. For me, it's not just about snakes. It's also about the personal relationships we develop in this hobby / business. Producing the best ball python in the world is nothing without others to join in your ventures. Excitement is meant to be shared! I am thankful for the relationships I have already made and look forward to developing new ones. I will stand by my customers throughout the life of their ball python, and do my best to help everyone that asks for my input.

    ---A big thank you goes out to Garrick DeMeyer , John Dague, Adam Wysocki, Lee Van Hyfte, Marc Bailey , and all the members of I have gained a lot of information from all of these sources, and I hope that you will support them.

    I look forward to chatting with you about everything ball pythons, please visit the contact page for more information. You can find me on BP-net or on the Bush League Breeders Forum as well.


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    ---Here are some of my feedback threads on Fauna classifieds: